Birds in Flight

My display at Patuxent will be up for the month of June. Birds in flight are featured on one panel. Here are three of the birds you will see there.

Cardinals in Flight

Cardinals in Flight

blue jay in Flight

blue jay in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

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Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

The Patuxent Wildlife Research Center located at 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel. Md. (just northeast of Washington DC) (240-882-0360) features an artist each month. This month I am pleased to be featured in there art gallery. I have 60 pictures on display. If you live in the area, please drop by. They have many great displays and lots of nature trails to explore.
The display in on 6 IMG_5285panels each one has a theme, “Backyard Birds”,”Wild Ponies”, “Insects”, “Parent and Child”,”Big Wading Birds”, and “Birds in Flight”. While we were setting up the display people were walking by. The “Wild Ponies” was one of the first panels to be put up. I have a picture of a pony’s eye close up. The caption reads, “Have you every looked a pony in the eye?” and I put the picture at the eye level of a first grader. Lots of the adult that walked by bent down and looked that pony right in the eye. It make me feel rewarded.

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Wild Ponies on Assateague Island

This spring I took a photo workshop with Jim Clark at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Virginia. Mr. Clark had us in the field most days before the sun was up and often we stayed in the field to see the sun set. He did let us have time off for food. It was a great learning experience.
The wild ponies were a lot of fun to see. Once I was driving back to the Station after not being able to see any ponies and got caught in traffic jam as I was leaving the park. To my surprise the cause was a herd of ponies walking down the center of the road. Great photo op.
In Chincoteague the ponies are fenced off the road but they are escape artist. The ponies in Assateague are free to roam as they please. That includes your tent in the campgrounds. I watched a pony explore a camper site left unattended until a nearby camper
chased him off.IMG_4678IMG_4678

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“Mr. ED”

Assateague Island National Seashore near Ocean City, Md is a great place to see wild ponies. This pony reminded me of Mr. Ed the talking horse or a good case for dental care in ponies. IMG_5639

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Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

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Arctic Foxes at Play

Arctic Foxes at Play

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How to see Polar Bears Safely

Polar bears consider you food. Not as good as a fat baby seal but food none the less. Therefore walking out to take a picture of one is not a great idea. But tundra buggies are. As big as the buggies are the bears are not afraid of them at all. I am not sure, I could sleep while they rumble by but they can. Scar nose polar bear is one we saw several times. This time he does’t seem to be distracted from his sleep by the tundra buggy right beside him. Well, maybe he is keeping one eye on us. We also saw him fighting later that day. Our tundra buggy held about 30 peple, with room to walk around, and a stove in the back to keep us warm. It also had an observation deck on the back. On the tundra, they also had a hotel on wheels, you could stay over night and take a buggy out during the day to see the bears. Bears are curious. They often came up to the hotel to explore around and scratch there backs on the tires. ImageImageImage

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Polar Bears at Play.

While I was in Churchill, Canada watching polar bears, two bear began to spar. It was interesting to see them practice their fighting skills. When they are out on the ice and looking for a mate, these skills will be dead serious. For now they seemed to be having fun even it a little blood was drawn on the scar face bear. It is amazing how fast these big bears can maneuver. ImageImageImage

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Where is my Coke?

IMG_5230In October I traveled to Churchill, Canada to see the polar bears. Each year they gather on the west coast of Hudson Bay at Churchill to wait for the ice to freeze so they can go out on the ice to hunt for seals. This bear seemed to be waiting for someone to put a coke in his paw.

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Show Time

It is show time for another fall. I will be at the following events. Hope you can stop by.

Sept 27,28,29–Mountain Heritage Arts and Craft Festival-west of Harper Ferry, WV off Rt.340

Oct. 5-6- Brunswick Railroad Days-Brunswick, Md.

Oct. 13-Kentlands Oktoberfest- Gaithersburg, Md.

Nov. 1,2,3, Howard County Crafts Spectacular- Howard County Fairgrounds. West Friendship,MD

Nov. 7,8,9 Mistletoe Mart -Ascension Episcopal Church, 23N Court Street, Westminster, MD

Nov. 23&24-Santa”s Christmas Craft Show-Carroll County Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD

Dec. 7- Bauer Drive Rec. Center- Holiday Craft Show, Rockville, MD

Dec.17- 7 to 8:30pm – Reception Art Show at Kentland’s Mansion. Gaithersburg. I will be showing 13 print at the Mansion for Dec 17 to Feb. 2

Hope you have a chance to visit some of there shows. They all have lots of great work for you to see and maybe even buy something. Let me know if you need direction or exact times. Thanks for your interest. Jean

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