Monthly Archives: August 2011

Baby Geese

Early spring brought these two gray bundles of down out to sail on the C&O Canal. The parent geese were herding their brood on the canal near Swain’s Boat house about 15 mile from the DC terminus

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Rock Reflection

The C&O Canal towpath curve around this rock outcropping making it possible to get this shot and keep my feet dry. I was a gray day. When I went for a walk, I almost didn’t take the camera.

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Boyds Eagle

The Boyds female eagle can easily be identified by the white dots on her chest. The female is always larger than the male but her white feathers made her easy to spot. November two years ago she was feeding on … Continue reading

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Woodpecker on a Snowy Tree

When enough snow had been cleared for the roads, I went to Blackhill Regional Park. This woodpecker was sitting on a branch cover with snow.

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This little pig lived at our farm one summer. He got sick. After all the treatment he had, I thought he would never let us close. He turned out to be quite a ham.

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