How to see Polar Bears Safely

Polar bears consider you food. Not as good as a fat baby seal but food none the less. Therefore walking out to take a picture of one is not a great idea. But tundra buggies are. As big as the buggies are the bears are not afraid of them at all. I am not sure, I could sleep while they rumble by but they can. Scar nose polar bear is one we saw several times. This time he does’t seem to be distracted from his sleep by the tundra buggy right beside him. Well, maybe he is keeping one eye on us. We also saw him fighting later that day. Our tundra buggy held about 30 peple, with room to walk around, and a stove in the back to keep us warm. It also had an observation deck on the back. On the tundra, they also had a hotel on wheels, you could stay over night and take a buggy out during the day to see the bears. Bears are curious. They often came up to the hotel to explore around and scratch there backs on the tires. ImageImageImage

About Phillips Farm Photography

I am a retired farmer in Maryland. Time is now available to combine my love of nature and photography into a note card and print business. Photography keeps be active and outdoors most of the time. I enjoy sharing with people the nature I see on my farm and nearby parks.
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