Wild Ponies on Assateague Island

This spring I took a photo workshop with Jim Clark at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Virginia. Mr. Clark had us in the field most days before the sun was up and often we stayed in the field to see the sun set. He did let us have time off for food. It was a great learning experience.
The wild ponies were a lot of fun to see. Once I was driving back to the Station after not being able to see any ponies and got caught in traffic jam as I was leaving the park. To my surprise the cause was a herd of ponies walking down the center of the road. Great photo op.
In Chincoteague the ponies are fenced off the road but they are escape artist. The ponies in Assateague are free to roam as they please. That includes your tent in the campgrounds. I watched a pony explore a camper site left unattended until a nearby camper
chased him off.IMG_4678IMG_4678

About Phillips Farm Photography

I am a retired farmer in Maryland. Time is now available to combine my love of nature and photography into a note card and print business. Photography keeps be active and outdoors most of the time. I enjoy sharing with people the nature I see on my farm and nearby parks.
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