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beautiful scenery from the places I have traveled

Mist on the River

Early one morning as I was going into Yellowstone National Park from West Yellowstone, I saw the mist rising off the river. It looked like a majical moment.

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Girl Walking by Ocean on Misty Morn

Canon Beach at haystack rock in Oregon on a very misty gray morning, I saw this women waking away from me. The bright colors of her outfit stood out in the gray morning. This picture has won awards in the … Continue reading

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Baby Geese

Early spring brought these two gray bundles of down out to sail on the C&O Canal. The parent geese were herding their brood on the canal near Swain’s Boat house about 15 mile from the DC terminus

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Rock Reflection

The C&O Canal towpath curve around this rock outcropping making it possible to get this shot and keep my feet dry. I was a gray day. When I went for a walk, I almost didn’t take the camera.

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A Caribou at Polychrome in Denali

When I stepped out of the rest stop in Denali, this caribou posed for me. He kindly waited for me to get my camera out and take the shot. He was even nice enough to arrange for the polychrome hills … Continue reading

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Crater Lake, Oregon in late May was still cover in snow. The north entrance still had about 4 feet of snow blocking the road. On the left side of the picture, you can see a small volcanic cone. The only … Continue reading

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Eagle Falls

To capture this picture, I was standing above Eagle Falls shooting down toward Emerald Bay and out to Lake Tahoe. The falls is on the California side.

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