Polar Bears at Play.

While I was in Churchill, Canada watching polar bears, two bear began to spar. It was interesting to see them practice their fighting skills. When they are out on the ice and looking for a mate, these skills will be dead serious. For now they seemed to be having fun even it a little blood was drawn on the scar face bear. It is amazing how fast these big bears can maneuver. ImageImageImage

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Where is my Coke?

IMG_5230In October I traveled to Churchill, Canada to see the polar bears. Each year they gather on the west coast of Hudson Bay at Churchill to wait for the ice to freeze so they can go out on the ice to hunt for seals. This bear seemed to be waiting for someone to put a coke in his paw.

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Show Time

It is show time for another fall. I will be at the following events. Hope you can stop by.

Sept 27,28,29–Mountain Heritage Arts and Craft Festival-west of Harper Ferry, WV off Rt.340

Oct. 5-6- Brunswick Railroad Days-Brunswick, Md.

Oct. 13-Kentlands Oktoberfest- Gaithersburg, Md.

Nov. 1,2,3, Howard County Crafts Spectacular- Howard County Fairgrounds. West Friendship,MD

Nov. 7,8,9 Mistletoe Mart -Ascension Episcopal Church, 23N Court Street, Westminster, MD

Nov. 23&24-Santa”s Christmas Craft Show-Carroll County Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD

Dec. 7- Bauer Drive Rec. Center- Holiday Craft Show, Rockville, MD

Dec.17- 7 to 8:30pm – Reception Art Show at Kentland’s Mansion. Gaithersburg. I will be showing 13 print at the Mansion for Dec 17 to Feb. 2

Hope you have a chance to visit some of there shows. They all have lots of great work for you to see and maybe even buy something. Let me know if you need direction or exact times. Thanks for your interest. Jean

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Greater Flamingo

Many flamingo gaither on a small island in a
Florida park. The day I was there they seemed to be having loud group discussions about something. They are rare visitors to Florida.

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Wood Storks

This wood stork has a great love for french fries. He and several of his friends leave the pond every afternoon and cross the street to the local checkers to beg for fries.IMG_9817IMG_9667 This bird is uncommon even in Florida but this Checker has him everyday.

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Florida Big Birds

A trip to Florida always brings some great pictures of large birds. Some like the s

Sandhill Crane on Nest

Sandhill Crane on Nest

IMG_5620andhill Crane can be over 4 feet tall. I have a lot of fun this year with these large birds.
The sandhill crane is nesting on a small island in a Florida park. When I was in Alaska I saw thousands but there were to nervous to get close too. The Florida sandhill crane wander the road side and field and almost like having there picture taken. They can be seen all over Florida but are rare anywhere else in the eastern US

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Memory Lane

Memory lane

Memory lane

If you are as ancient as I am, you probly remember when barns like this were everywhere. You might even remember the Burma Shave sighs along the road.
This barn is in Maryland north of Mt. Airy on Route 27. If you know of others that are keep painted let me know where they are.

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